Puppy pre-school

Puppy PreSchool

Puppy preschool is back run by our vet nurse Allyssa

Running weekly Thursday night 6-7pm for 5 weeks

First class starts 30th May


Puppies have a sensitive period of development known as the socialization period. It occurs from about 4-16 weeks of age. The experiences the puppy has during this time will affect later behaviour.

Puppy preschool is specifically designed for puppies 10 to 16 weeks of age. If puppies are to develop into normal, friendly and confident adults, they need to be regularly handled and to be exposed to many new and novel situations in a non threatening way.
puppy pre school
Puppy preschool classes ensure these interactions and experiences are in a positive and safe manner.

Puppies also need to play with people and other dogs to improve their motor skills, develop confidence and learn how to interact and communicate with others.

Play helps puppies learn and understand canine body language and communication skills.

Puppies that are not socialised to humans may also develop behavioural problems. Puppies need to have contact with people other than their family. This helps them develop into well-behaved members of the community.

Eight week old puppies can learn the same things as an adult dog. The only difference is that they have shorter concentration spans and are clumsier as their motor skills and co-ordination are not fully developed.

Therefore it is important that training should start early.

Please note puppies must have proof of their second vaccination to attend class.


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