Prep & Dog obedience

Currently Manners Classes are on hold as we are looking for a new dog trainer. We hope you will find below information useful and interesting. 

Manners Class

Although we don't currently hold a manners class we still would like to let you know of the benefits of continuing training from puppy preschool and into adulthood. 

Dogs are part of our family, we LOVE them. Just think how much more enjoyable it would be if your dog did what it was told. Came when it was called and played nicely with other dogs. A good obedience class will achieve below: 

  • Puppies and dogs need to be taught rules and manners so they become confident, friendly, socially acceptable parts of our family.
  • Dogs are social animals and without proper training they will behave like wild animals.

Why do dogs need further training?

  • Obedience training will give you, as a dog owner, the foundation to solve many behavioural problems
  • Obedience training will open up a communication field between you and your dog, giving you the opportunity to not only strengthen the bond you have with your dog, but also teach you how to teach them.
  • Obedience training will help establish a social hierarchy.
  • Obedience training can make your dog more confident and give it more freedom.
  • It's FUN, and great socialisation for you and your dog.

We could list a million reasons why dogs (and more importantly owners) need further training… but why not come and see the benefits of our Prep classes for yourself.

What will your dog learn at Manners Class?

  • Basic commands, 'sit', 'stay', 'drop', 'wait', 'come' and 'heel'
  • Be well mannered around other dogs
  • How to focus on you in distracting environments
  • Our instructor will design a program specifically for your class needs

What will YOU learn from Manners Class?

  • How to communicate effectively with your dog
  • What motivates your dog to learn
  • How to establish focus and concentration in difficult situations
  • How to teach your dog new and reinforce old skills whilst in a distracting environment
  • Patience