Microchip Registration

Microchip Registration 

Ensuring your microchip details for your pets are up to date is crucial. If your pet becomes lost we are able to contact you directly by scanning your pets microchip and finding your details. If the microchip details aren't up to date we unfortunately have no way of contacting you. Unless if you have been to us before and your details are up to date in our system. 

How do I update my microchip details? 

Updating your pets microchip details or even changing ownership is quite easy, there are a few simple steps. 

  1. Having your pets microchip number. Firstly you will need your pets microchip number written down. If you give us a call and we have your pets microchip on file, we can email you the number straight away or come visit us during our opening hours to get your pet's microchip scanned. 
  2. Searching for where your pet is registered. Visit the website Pet Address , enter your pets microchip number and click search. 
  3. Changing your details through the organisation they are registered under. It depends on different organisations however most organisations will be able to change your details if you email them with your details and your pets microchip number. If you need help we can definitely assist just give us a call on 07 3282 7888 or come in clinic. 

Step 3 didnt work- what now? 

If you have a pet from NSW or overseas their microchip will not be registered in the Australian system. Unfortunately NSW does not share their microchip details with the rest of Australia so your pets microchip will need to be re-registered in a new system. We highly recommend registering with Australian Animal Registry or Central Animal Records

From the website click on register new animal. Enter in your details and your pets details. We recommend including an alternate contact. 

Registering your pet online costs as little as $15.00. 

How long does Change of Ownership or Updating details take? 

For most companies change of ownership and updating details can take up to 4 weeks. Updating details such as a phone number can be immediate. Which is why further delaying is not a good idea.