About us


For over 40 years Karalee Karana Veterinary Surgery has been working hard to provide the pet owner community in the Ipswich area with highest quality veterinary care.

With our team of experienced veterinarians and vet nurses we offer a wide range of veterinary services


We make sure that your dog or cat is up-to-date on all of their vaccinations. We’ll discuss which ones they will require and when it’s best to vaccinate them so you can plan for future visits.

Our vaccines are tailored to your pet’s lifestyle and medical history.


Desexing is the best way to ensure that your pet lives a long, healthy life. We know how important spaying and neutering are for your dog or cat’s health.

We will help you understand which one is right for your pet and when it would be best to schedule the surgery.


MicrochippingA microchip is a sterile, biocompatible implant that’s about the size of a grain of rice. It contains an identification number that we assign to your pet when they visits us

If your pet ever gets lost or runs away, it can be scanned and read by a microchip scanning device.

This will tell us exactly who the owner is so we can reunite you with your pet as soon as possible.

Dentistry for dogs and cats

Over time, your pets can develop tooth decay and gum disease. We perform pet dental procedures that will help to keep their teeth healthy and strong.

In addition, we can also treat periodontal disease to prevent your pet from developing more serious problems later on.


When we need to, we perform an array of surgeries at our clinic. These include soft tissue and orthopaedics, spay and neuter procedures for your pets, lumps removal, cesarian operations, laparotomies, as well as more complex surgeries when necessary.

Our doctors will discuss all options with you so that they can recommend a surgical plan that’s right for your pet.

Visiting orthopaedic surgeon

When needed our visiting orthopaedic surgeon will come to perform specialist and highly complex type of surgeries. This is our commitment

to provide the highest quality care for your pet.

Digital X-rays, Ultrasound and In House Laboratory

We are equipped with most modern diagnostic tools to take X-rays, perform ultrasound or run a blood test to help us find out what could be the problems bothering your pets, confirm pregnancy or find out about their inner health

Cats and Small Dogs Sedated Grooming

We understand that you love your pets and want them to look their best. Unfortunately due to fear it can be difficult for some pets to be groomed by a traditional groomer without sedation. That’s why we offer grooming services for cats and small dogs so they can be meticulously cared for by our professional vet nurses who lovingly attend to their every grooming need.

House Calls 

If you are unable to bring your pet to us we will happily visit them at your home. Give us a call on 3282 7888 and speak with our staff to organise a suitable time for a house call.